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ingdivas is on fire & one of the biggest reasons is the new kid on the block.
Thats right folks. Along with all of the frequent updates, free videos, free photos, free radio interviews also came a new face to the roster being called up and thank GOD she did. In case you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks allow me to introduce you to Ava Presley.

Without a doubt one of the SEXIEST brunettes RingDivas has ever had on the roster, I have to say she's quickly becoming an all time favorite of mine. Her affect on the company is already evident when you read the message boards as of late. Being credited with the one that really pushed the effort to speak one on one with the fans.

RingDivas Interviewer: Ava Presley! Welcome. Do I call you Ava, Ms. Presley or Ava Presley.

Ms. Presley: Thanks for having me! Ava is fine. Or Ms. Presley if your nasty, lol. Sorry thats a Janet Jackson joke. (smiles)

Photo 1
RingDivas Interviewer: lol. Janet Jackson? :) Your too young to be a Janet Jackson fan aren't you? How old are you?

Ms. Ava Presley: I'm 21. Barely legal lol. But I'm very mature for my age. And yes I'm a Janet Jackson fan as well as Country, some 80's and pop music. I love music in general.

RingDivas Interviewer: Nice! Well I feel like there are so many things to talk to you about today, I understand that you have a radio interview coming up later today so whatever we don't cover here I'm assuming the hosts will get to on their show. They obviously do read the magazine what with them calling me an asshole for getting Tessa in trouble with Cali. But thats neither here nor there. So, you've gotten quite the fan reaction on the boards huh?

I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun.

Ms. Ava Presley: I have!!! (smiles) and I have to tell you that I love it. I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun. Patrick was really happy to see that I made the effort to get on the boards to talk to the fans. I guess before I really started to do it a lot it wasn't really consistent. Seems like I started a trend with RingDivas and I'm happy to see that I'm making a positive difference.

RingDivas Interviewer: Well I'm sure the fans are greatful. Speaking of greatful I'm sure they are also greatful to know that you will be starring in your own RDTV series. And the kicker is that its the Girls of War franchise. Thats kind of a big deal. Your following the footsteps of girls like SoCal Val, Empress Sayuri in Blood Chronicles two which was a Girls of War spin-off, Destiny Dumon and Cali Danger. Thats quite the list. All huge stars.

Ms. Ava Presley: I KNOW! When I got the call from Patrick that I was going to be put in that spot I just couldn't believe it. There are so many girls on the roster and even more at the training center. Knowing that he thought I would be the best selection for that spot meant a lot to me. Getting the news that I was starring in Girls of war just made my day.

Getting the news that I was starring in Girls of war just made my day.

RingDivas Interviewer: I bet! This must be a bit of a whirlwind for you as your doing so much all at the same time. You were involed in your debut wrestling booking, you participated in Angels in Lingerie, your doing the RD magazine as we speak and later on today you've got your radio show that your taping. And this coming weekend is Girls of War. Man, you've got quite the schedule!

Ms. Ava Presley: I do and I love it. Its fun to stay busy and I knew what the deal was when I signed on the dotted line. I've had several long talks with the boss man lol, and he makes 100% sure that we are ready for what we call the RingDivas grind. But the funny thing is its not a grind for me. Its just a heck of a lot of fun! (laughs)

RingDivas Interviewer: So, the fans are going to kill me if I don't ask this so I will go ahead and put it out there. I actually was able to get a copy of your signed contract from the company and as I can confirm it clearly reads that you have signed a management only contract with RingDivas. But I have to have to have to ask. Is there ANY chance what so ever that we will get to see you in the wrestling ring as a performer??? Please say yes. lol.

Ms. Presley: To tell you the truth my initial goal was to be a wrestler. When I joined the training school I started out wanting to wrestle but just to be honest, I'm too much of a prissy girl to wrestle. Just like I said in my interview with Bella, "I don't wrassle..." lol. Sorry some people were making fun of my southern accent. Besides, I don't want to lead people on. I'm a manager. The one and only job I have in RingDivas is to make sure that Cali Danger stays the World Champion at all costs. So I'm afraid to say, nope. Not going to happen.

RingDivas Interviewer: Well, at least I tried. But I have to say whether your wrestling or managing I am EXTREMELY happy that your on the team. With that said give me 5 reasons why fans should fall in love with Ms. Ava Presley.

Ms. Ava Presley: lol. Thats weird you want me to tell you!?!? Well ok hmmmm let me think. Well, I'm fiesty! Lets see, I'm very determined. I'm a sexy southern girl lol. I'm a VERY hard worker. And finally, I'm a RingDivas Superstar!!! (laughs) Ok cheesy I'm sure but its true!

RingDivas Interviewer: Those are 5 amazing reasons that absolutely no one can argue with. Can I add one to the list? You are da bomb! lol

Ms. Ava Presley: Awwww thank you so much!

The one and only job I have in RingDivas is to make sure that Cali Danger stays the World Champion.

RingDivas Interviewer: So how were you discovered by RingDivas if you don't mind me asking?

Ms. Ava Presley: Great question! I was actually hired as an extra for the big movie that I was told not to talk too much about lol. I was on set for about three days of the 3 weeks that was spent during filming and I had so much fun. I didn't get to participate as a main character but even being an extra on a shoot that big is a ton of fun. Patrick who directs the films noticed me at a scene where we were supposed to be running out of a college campus building. I was there with a friend and he pulled me aside and recurited me right then and there.

RingDivas Interviewer: Wow, thats a pretty crazy story. Well we are all happy that he's got a great eye for talent and sure as hell are happy that you said yes! Ava, I have to say its been a pleasure to interview you today. I love how differently you come across then others. You've definitely got a spark and the it factor and I can't wait to see how it plays out with RingDivas! Thank you so much and I hope that you have an amazing weekend!

Ms. Ava Presley: Thank you so much for having me and thanks to all the fans you guys are simply amazing!

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