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Destruction of Crystal (feat. Tina & Sam) Part 1 (Fantasy Story)!!!
by RD Insider on 03 Dec 2008

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Sam had enjoyed her workout on Amber in the torture room, revelling in her evil and vicious behaviour. Sam enjoyed her heel reputation and was looking to enhance it at the earliest opportunity.

After seeing other Divas grabbing the headlines, Sam was again itching to do something to get her back into the news at RingDivas. She had each really enjoyed watching Crystal Johnson being taken apart by Tina Lockhart in the Hot Oil Match, and harboured a desire to get to grips with the brown skinned beauty. She and Tina began to plot. Firstly they secured a booking for a handicap match, the two of them against Crystal, in a bikini fight in the RingDivas ring. Only one of them would be allowed in the ring at any one time, except for the first minute after each tag when both girls would be able to fight. Double teaming would also be allowed if Tina and Sam were able to trap Crystal in a hostile corner.

The fight was for the future though, and before the fight, the heels decided to drum up some hype. Choosing their moment the two wrestlers cornered Crystal in the gym. The beauty was practising her bench press as they slid silently into the room. For a few minutes the two vixens watched, admiring Crystal's curves, watching as she exercised her toned muscles. The girl was wearing short white, tight fitting lycra shorts, revealing at least half of each of her perfectly formed ass cheeks, and a white sports bra top which looked as if it had been spray painted onto her round c cup breasts. She wore white ankle socks and white gym shoes. The contrast of the white lycra against her beautiful brown skin was something to see. Sam gazed at her, intoxicated by the girl's beauty. Crystal's face was stunningly pretty. >From the expressive eyes down to those luscious full lips, she was every inch a babe.

Tina looked at Sam. "Feel like some fun?" she asked.

Sam nodded and smiled, "I've waited for this chance to have a go on Crystal Johnson....mmmmm.....she is so hot. Lets introduce ourselves."

Crystal had recovered from the pummelling she had received in the oil pit and was again in perfect shape. She stretched to achieve another rep on the shoulder press, then got up from the equipment and slid onto the leg curl machine, laying on her belly and hooking her lower legs around the weighted pads.

Tina and Sam stood beside her, unseen, watching Crystal's legs work, admiring the trim nipped in waist and perfect smooth brown skin. Suddenly Crystal gasped. Tina had clawed the fingers of her right hand into the left cheek of Crystal's ass. No sooner had Crystal registered what had happened when Sam pressed down on her brown shoulders to pin her in position.

"Hi Crystal. I must say you look hot today. I just can't resist myself!" said Tina.

The brunette began to knead Crystal Johnson's ass with her hand squeezing the rubbery ass cheek.

"Get off me you brute!" shouted Crystal struggling. Sam smiled, and suddenly hauled Crystal up off the machine where she stood shakily facing both her attackers.

"Get her arms Sam" said Tina.

Sam did just that, slipping behind Crystal, and grabbing hold firmly of Crystal's upper arms, pinning them.

Tina smiled, pushing her face close to Crystal's. "Mmmmm.....you are so pretty aren't you." The brunette dipped her head and kissed Crystal on the lips. She drew back and licked her lips. "Oh yes....this is going to be fun" she added.

"You bitch, get off me." yelled Crystal horrified.

Tina responded by clenching her fist and smacking it into the center of the bare brown belly, grinding her knuckles into the smooth silky skin.

"Aaagh" gasped Crystal, caught unprepared.

Eager hands moved around the girl's back, gripping the lycra of the bra top, pulling it upwards. Soon Tina was peeling the clinging material from those perfect brown breasts, fully exposing each breast and nipple. Using the bra, Sam and Tina manoeuvred Crystal nearer to the bench press and tied her by the wrists to the bar at the top of the piece of equipment, pulling her almost onto her tiptoes.

Crystal began to panic, tears welling in those big brown eyes. "Please no" she begged.

Sam was already taking out a bottle of oil. Crystal closed her eyes as Sam began to pour the oil over Crystal's shoulders, breasts, and belly, watching it run in little rivulets over the breasts to drip from the large brown nipples.

Tina began to knead the oil into the brown flesh, as Sam started to oil Crystal's back and thighs.

"No please" whispered Crystal, cringing as Tina began to work the oil into each full firm brown breast.

With Crystal looking stunning, strung up by her wrists, her brown torso slick with oil, and only her tiny white shorts to protect her, Sam and Tina each clenched their fists.

"Shall we?" asked Sam, "Lets" answered Tina......

What followed deserves a detailed description.

Sam moved in front, and Tina moved behind the brown skinned beauty, each picking her targets on the perfect half stripped body. Both girls drove their fists into Crystal's body at the same time, Sam's thudding into the sculpted brown belly just above the navel, Tina's hammering into the smooth skin of Crystal's lower back. The slender brown body was trapped between the two hammer blows, and it took all of Crystal's concentration to hold onto her breath.

Tina and Sam exchanged a smile, and again simultaneously smashed punches into the slick brown stomach and sleek lower back, crushing the girl's gorgeous slender mid section between their fists.

"Aaaagh...Uuuugh......." gasped Crystal as she was struck, trying hard to tense her midsection muscles against the blows.

Sam and Tina stood back and watched Crystal struggling to breathe, her breasts rising and falling with each expansion of her ribcage.

Sam stroked Crystal's stomach, dipping her index finger into the cute oil filled navel causing the brown skinned beauty to recoil with a gasp.

Then Tina smashed her right fist hard into Crystal's kidneys, and the glistening female groaned and arched her body.

Sam watched, waited a second, then smacked a right fisted uppercut into the underside of Crystal's slick left breast, splattering oil droplets from the nipple.

"AAaaaaaaaagh......." screamed Crystal, hanging by her wrists, swinging slightly from her bonds.

Sam laughed, and drove a straight right into the stubby brown nipple standing proud in the centre of Crystal's bare left breast.

"Aaaaaghhuuuuu....." moaned Crystal more softly, her eyes closed, her breath coming in short gasps.

"Lets...... get....... her...... down...... now............ shall we?" asked Tina, her words punctuated by short hooked punches into the girl's lower back and kidneys.

Crystal slumped onto her belly as soon as she was untied, her beautiful body convulsing, unable to resist or speak.

Tina pointed, "I just want you to know that we got all that on video girl, just for us to show in the dressing room to anyone who might like to see." On the top of a cabinet by the door a camcorder whirred quietly away capturing the entire scene.

Sam had squatted down on top of Crystal, having flipped the girl onto her back, and was flicking at the dark brown nipples.

"Do you want a go on her Sam?" asked Tina, "I'll video you if you do".

Sam smiled and licked her lips, and Tina began to video her friend. Still straddling Crystal, Sam slowly slid her top up and over her bra, throwing it to one side, then she smiled at the camera and peeled her bra away from her impressive breasts, her nipples already hard. Crystal began to stir, so Sam drew her fist back and punched down into the girl's brown belly. Crystal went still again.

Pouring oil over herself Sam oiled her own belly and breasts, until they glistened under the lights. Now Sam matched Crystal, the two girls wearing just tiny shorts. Sam again smiled, then allowed herself to slide down on top of Crystal until the two girls bellies and breasts were pressed together. Sam raised herself on one shoulder lifting her right breast from the brown breast beneath it, then smacked it back down into the glistening brown breast, her nipple driving Crystal's nipple into the firm breast meat.

"Uuugh...." moaned Crystal

Sam lifted herself again, then again smacked her breast down into Crystal's left breast, oil droplets splattering as the two glistening globes splat against each other.

"Uuuoogh...." from Crystal

Sam eased herself up and looked down at Crystal, then sat back, straddling the brown skinned girl's upper thighs. She had the length of Crystal's bare glistening torso beneath her. She watched the brown breasts rise, then slashed a punch down and across Crystal's left breast, knuckles slipping on the slippery curve.

"AAAAAGH..." cried Crystal

Sam hit her again, this time with a left to the right breast. Crystal screamed again, so Sam gagged her. Sam began to lash each of Crystal Johnson's genuine C cup breasts with her fists. Tina zoomed in as Sam tenderised Crystal's breast meat.

As she worked over the gorgeous brown breasts Sam slid her inner thighs against Crystal's perfect oiled splattered thighs, her own breathing becoming more rapid. Then she paused, drawing a deep breath, and watched the young beauty between her thighs moan and writhe.

Eagerly Sam worked Crystal's shorts down the length of her sleek thighs, leaving the brown skinned beauty in just a miniscule white thong. She hauled the girl to her knees and propped her against the equipment. Sliding up to her on her own knees, just a foot between them, Sam clenched her fists. She smacked a right into Crystal's stomach, a left into her ribs, a right into her lower abdomen right on the thong line, a left also deep into the lower abdomen, a right into the navel, a left into the right breast, a right to the left breast, then swinging her shoulders, she pistoned lefts and rights into the perfect glistening body, softening up the lower abdomen, stomach and breasts. Crystal shook with each punch, her head lolling from side to side. Sam beat her and beat her, while Tina captured it on video.

Satisfied that she had sufficiently delivered her message to Crystal, Sam leaned forward, swept strands of oily hair from the brown face, and kissed Crystal's luscious full lips deeply, pushing her tongue into the girl and feeling along the perfect white teeth. Her hands went to the girl's breasts and began to knead the firm round mounds. Sam held Crystal's head with one hand as she continued to kiss her eagerly.

"Hey I'd better switch off Sam if we are going to have extras!" said Tina putting down the camera.

"Mmmmmmm" said Sam, sliding out of her shorts.

"No....please no....." moaned Crystal softly as the two girls settled down on her.

Having beaten and humiliated Crystal Johnson the two girls eagerly anticipated their upcoming fight with her in the RingDivas ring, knowing that the video would always be a useful source for blackmail in the future.

End of Part 1

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