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Empress Sayuri Taken Out of Contention!!! (Fantasy Story)!!!
by RD Insider on 03 Dec 2008

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The Dragon Star Group were sweeping all before it as its members inflicted pain and humiliation on all who crossed their paths. It had been a vehicle for the advancement of the careers of its members, giving one particular individual thoughts of more personal progression. It was fine fighting for an alliance, but this lady wanted personal glory. She had done with sharing the limelight.

Sayuri had been the undisputed world champion. She, with Sensational Sam Sexton and the Grand Yabari had a powerful alliance, and a bright future beckoned. Sayuri even considered her two ruthless colleagues as friends, although there was a healthy competition amongst the Group. She was the brains, or so she thought. She was the leader and the tactician. When Dragon Star faced the two lissom beauties Crystal White and Amber recently in a handicap tornado tag match, she had orchestrated the prolific beating doled out to the two young talents. Her double Kiss of Death had been a work of art.

Sayuri was content, and in peak physical condition, and as she languished in the spa pool backstage, she allowed herself to think about planning for another title shot. She stretched out, her body tight, toned and flexible, perfectly proportioned, and very beautiful. Sayuri was not the biggest or most muscular Diva but she had cat like grace, was lithe and agile, and possessed excellent technical wrestling skills. In addition she was ruthless, and was prepared to go further than just win a match. She wanted to destroy her opponent in the process. To anyone planning their own assault on the World Championship, Sayuri was a major threat.

Climbing from the spa pool, dripping wet, Sayuri began to stroll towards the shower room, catching sight of herself in the mirrors along the wall. She smiled to herself, pleased at how she looked in her black bikini. Her natural C cup breasts filled her bikini top quite beautifully, and her long jet black hair fell about her bare shoulders framing a pretty face with big almond eyes. A waspish waist,smooth flat stomach, sculpted abdomen and sleek shapely legs reflected in the mirror, as did an arm, holding, what was that.....a nightstick!

Sayuri felt a dull pain as the nightstick cracked against the side of her head, immediately blurring her vision and removing her control over her limbs. As she crumpled she caught sight of a blurred figure, a woman.

She lay on the tiles, still conscious, but extremely dazed, face down, slightly tilted to one side. She can hear someone's breath other than he own, then suddenly it goes dark as hands fasten something dark and soft over her eyes and secure it behind her back. She manages the smallest of movements in her leg in despair of what is happening, but this is met by the nightstick being smashed down into the back of her left thigh. Sayuri cries out, still too proud to cry for help. Again the nightstick is driven down into the back of her thigh.

Her mystery assailant scrabbles around and grabs Sayuri by the arms, hauling her up. She must be strong. Sayuri hobbles on her injured leg, and finds herself led away, through a doorway (she heard the creak) and down steps. At one point she tries to talk, but this is met by a fist to the stomach which has her gasping. She is flung into a room, where she stumbles and falls to her knees, stretching her arms out into the dark in a vain attempt at defence.

"Who are you?" she asks.

A boot smashes into Sayuri's kidneys, making her scream. She turns on her knees, reaching out in the direction of the kick. Her silent adversary circles round and kicks Sayuri again, smashing her boot into Sayuri's side, crunching the toe cap into the sleek wet ribcage.

"Aaaagh" screams Sayuri, desperately scrambling away, clutching one arm to her side.

The heel of the boot stomps down into the smooth flesh of Sayuri's thigh.

"AAAaagh" yells Sayuri, rolling over onto her side.

The boot drives into Sayuri's bare belly, with a wet thump, flipping Sayuri onto her back.

"Uuuugh" moans Sayuri, pain engulfing her senses.

"Why are you doing this" she gasped.

She feels the touch of smooth bare skin, female skin, against her sides, and she knows that her assailant is straddling her hips and thighs, and looking over her wet bikini clad body. Defiant as ever Sayuri tries to buck her opponent off, but she is too weak, and all she gets for her trouble is a fist in the stomach again. Knowing that there will probably be more of these, she tenses her stomach muscles and waits.

"AAaaghgh" she screams as the fist lands not in her stomach but in her left breast, compressing the mound against her ribcage.

"Aaaaargh" Sayuri wails as a second punch smacks across her right breast.

"You bitch!" sobs Sayuri bravely, and then she convulses again as a salvo of punches beat down into her stomach.

Whoever is attacking her is ruthless. Sayuri wonders if it is Vanessa Kraven, but somehow she thinks not. The way she was half carried and led, it seemed as though the woman were closer to her own height. Suddenly Sayuri is being hauled up again, and this time her arms are being tied or restrained, and she is on her tip toes, it seems tied to some device which has her suspended by her wrists. Now she knows that she really is in trouble.

The nightstick smashes into Sayuri's lower back, and then again, exploding into the curve of her spine.

"Aaaaiiieee" cries Sayuri

Then the nightstick goes to work on the backs of her thighs, smashing into them again and again until it seems as though her legs will be broken. Sayuri goes limp, hanging by her arms, teeth clamped together against the pain.

She feels hands on her skin, almost tenderly caressing her it seems, but the those hands clench into fists, and they begin to beat into her body, hammering into her abdomen, thudding into her stomach, and lashing her across her breasts. For what seems an age, Sayuri drifts in and out of consciousness as the fists hammer into her bikini clad body, pulverising her stomach, abdomen and ribs, and repeatedly plunging into her firm breasts, driving her nipples into her breast meat. her body shudders as the punches beat into her.

Sayuri is dribbling from her sagging lower lip, mewling softly.

Water splashes over her bringing her to he senses again, only for the beating to continue. The nightstick is used to beat into the muscle of each of her upper arms, and then to hammer into the muscle of her sleek thighs. The round end of the stick is used to drive into her kidneys.

A series of brutal blows with the nightstick into her glistening ribs and belly sends Sayuri into unconsciousness. She has been brutally beaten, and it will take her months to recover. Effectively Sayuri must be considered out of contention for any upcoming title shots. The last thing Sayuri's senses registered as she fell senseless was a whiff of some very familiar perfume.

Whoever did this to Sayuri clearly did not want to be recognised, and has a lot to gain by removing a potential contender from the frame. She may well have opened up the door for her own progression, and who knows where her ambition will take her.

The End

Jan 2008

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