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Sharon’s first Cage fight!!! Sharon Debuts in RingDivas!!!
by RD Insider on 03 Dec 2008

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You have a fantastic body Sharon. Really, you are just perfect for a Hardcore fight. You are fit, toned, and absolutely gorgeous. You are curvy in all the right places, you have the firmest roundest breasts I have ever seen, you have sensational legs and you are stunningly pretty. You are just perfect.” I said, one arm round Sharon’s shapely shoulders.

But I was really battered by Claire and Emma, and my sister says I’m stupid for going in the ring again.” answered Sharon in that sexy soft voice.

Sharon you are 19 years of age, and learning all the time. Never mind your sister. One day I’ll get her in the ring! You took a beating yes, but you amazed everyone watching just how much you could take. That showed real guts. There is the money as well. You will get twice as much for the hardcore match I have booked for you.” I argued.

Sharon was easily persuaded, and so her next fight booking was confirmed. Sharon, my gorgeous 19 year old protégé will fight Karen Kaufman the 24 year old German with a record of 6 fights and 6 KOs, in a UFC style cage fight.

Sharon looked drop dead gorgeous in her light grey bra top, and shorts. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail and she wore black fingerless gloves, and shoes. Her two piece costume was sexier than the normal attire, I saw to that. It exposed all of Sharon’s lightly tanned toned belly, sides and most of her back, whilst the shorts were very short and clung to her firm ass cheeks like a second skin. Inside the bra top I had allowed Sharon to wear a soft moulded breast protector which might help her firm round breasts withstand any punches or elbows that came their way a little bit more than if her breasts had been covered only by the cotton bra top. Always on the margin between a C and a D cup, she had recently just tipped the balance and was now classified as a D cup. Since her last fight she had also put on a few extra pounds of light muscle after some gym work around her shoulders and legs. She received a rapturous ovation as she stepped into the caged arena.

Her opponent was conventionally attired, white skinned, with a 2 inch height advantage and 20 pound weight advantage over Sharon. She looked malevolent and as hard as nails as she regarded her beautiful young opponent. Her straw coloured hair was cropped, and she wore a couple of tattoos on her muscular upper arms. In a show of bravado for the crowd she turned slowly around with her top pulled up to display her rippling six pack.

The commentator for the fight took the mike and made the introductions.

At 5’ 6” weighing in at 123 pounds, measuring 36d” 23” 36”, Sharon Williams,

and her opponent

at 5’ 8” weighing in at 144 pounds, measuring 38b” 28” 36”, Karen Kaufman!

Well we have quite a fight for you here tonight. Karen Kaufman, fresh from her sixth straight knockout, including four TKOs on strikes, is up against relative novice Sharon Williams. I must say Sharon Williams has to be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in the cage, and she sure looks sexy in that little two piece thing she has on.

Well here comes Karen. We know she likes to move forward and she likes to strike, so she might not be shooting for submissions right away.” Says the commentator.

As anticipated, Karen goes straight for Sharon’s face with her fists, connecting with one, two, three consecutive punches, rocking the blonde backwards and up against the cage wall. It was made of Plexiglas so that everyone had an unobstructed view of the fights.

Sharon shakes her head, overawed and overwhelmed, and turns to look for me just as Karen rams in her knee into my girl’s smooth bare belly. Sharon grunts, folding forwards into Karen’s arms. The German blasts her knee into the 19 year olds exposed belly again, almost lifting the smaller girl off the ground. Then she pins the blonde against the glass, with her left forearm across Sharon’s throat, and starts leathering her right fist into that gorgeous body, hammering her in the ribs and belly.

Karen is taking the fight to Sharon, looking to soften up what I can only describe as her fitness model body. She really is a looker. She will have to fight her way out from this position or Kaufman will inflict real damage. The German was already well on the way to softening up Sharon’s belly, and was deliberately curling punches into the abdomen, working lower, her fists driving into Sharon just below the waistband of her shorts.

Sharon pushed and fought, bravely trying to use her legs to force the bigger woman back. Karen saw the shapely tanned thigh coming up at her and caught it in her left arm, able to smash her right fist down repeatedly into the top and side of Sharon’s sleek left thigh. Kaufman then stood back, and aimed a kick into the 19 year olds thigh. The foot smashed home, and Sharon cried out, twisting away, turning to face the clear wall.

Williams is in trouble now. Kaufman knows what to do with a girl in this position!” yelled the commentator.

Kaufman took hold of Sharon William’s pony tail near its base, and drove the girl’s face into the clear plastic wall. Sharon mewled, and her legs wobbled. Kaufman took a better grip, coming in closer, and began to smash Sharon’s pretty face into the wall again and again, until the clear plastic wall was smeared with blood. We could all see Sharon’s face as it was repeatedly driven into the wall, and we all saw her nose burst, and her lips. Blood began to splatter over Sharon’s pale grey top and upper arms as Kaufman destroyed her.

It could all be over here ladies and gentlemen. It looks like the Williams girl has no defence to the German’s offence, and she is taking a lot of punishment. Oh my her face is a real mess now.” Said the commentator excitedly, standing at his seat.

Kaufman was leading the blood spattered beauty away from the wall into the centre of the cage. There, she pushed Sharon back and watched the girl sway on unsteady legs. Smiling the big German began to cut Sharon apart, hammering punches into her. A huge punch smashed into Sharon’s navel, followed by an elbow to the throat, a knee to the thigh, a hooked punch to the kidneys, and a combination to the face, shredding more of Sharon’s bloodied lips and nose.

Sharon fell slowly to her knees almost in slow motion, then swayed there, eyes unfocused. Kaufman took sadistic delight in smashing the young blonde’s face from side to side, copious amounts of Sharon’s blood splashing over her fists and forearms.

The 19 year slowly toppled over to fall on her face in a pool of her own blood.

The German had destroyed Sharon, but it wasn’t over yet.

I don’t think Kaufman has finished with Williams yet. I have seen this before. She likes to play with her opponents after she’s softened them up sometimes”

Kaufman was reaching inside Sharon William’s bra top, and moments later she was holding the breast protector high in the air. The cameras zoomed in to show Sharon’s full round breasts clearly outlined as they pushed into the thin damp cotton, with two very prominent nipples straining against the material. The German hauled Sharon to her feet and marched her over to the wall, right by a camera. Pinning her with one arm, Kaufman looked at the camera, and then unloaded a right uppercut into the lower curve of the blonde’s unprotected left breast. She was surprised at its resilience, and at just how rubbery firm it felt. Sharon squealed helplessly.

Kaufman pounded her right fist into Sharon’s straining bra top, expertly working over both breasts.

Kaufman’s not going to let the Williams girl off so lightly, it looks like she’s going for those breasts inside that little bra top. There goes another punch to the breasts, and another. This is really quite brutal now. That blonde is just defenceless down there. Kaufman is totally destroying her.” ranted the commentator.

Not content with her attack on the contents of the youngster’s bra top, the big German wanted more. Sadistically she began to rip at the girl’s top until it shredded apart, and we all saw Sharon William’s perfect D cup breasts spring free, brown nipples hardened to almost thimble size. There was an astonished gasp at the sight of Sharon’s beautiful honey skinned quivering breasts. Moments later the bra top was cast to the floor, and the big German thug was pummelling away with her right fist into the half melon of Sharon’s left breast. The perfect naked breast quivered and shook with each brutal punch, the image filling the television screens for those watching at home. Kaufman shifted a little, and then, holding Sharon pinned to the clear wall with her bodyweight, she smashed and hammered away with both of her hard fists into Sharon’s face, breasts and stomach, churning her over.

Kaufman has Williams trapped, and can hit her at will now. She’s tenderising William’s breast and stomach meat ladies and gentlemen like it was so much steak. I’ve not seen a beating this brutal for quite some time. It looks like Williams is bleeding from both her nipples now. She is quite a mess.” Roared the commentator.

The German threw Sharon down, and began to kick and stomp on the 19 year olds bleeding breasts and face, then kick hard into Sharon’s ribs. It seemed something must break.

Finally Kaufman settled down on top of Sharon, and squatting across her, began crashing big lefts and rights down into the bloodied almost naked body between her thighs. The German swung again and again, her muscular shoulder muscles working visibly. The fists thudded down into Sharon’s stomach meat, and smacked into the firm D cups of breast flesh, driving the bleeding nipples further and further into the rubbery breast meat. Several huge punches crashed into the sides of Sharon’s face, one crushing the lower lip until it split and burst anew, one mulching the burst nose, one closing her left eye even more, one opening new cuts around her right eye, all of them splashing blood all over the girl’s bare breasts to mix with the blood oozing from the nipples.

Having battered every square inch of beautiful smooth skin, fists having pummelled and churned over the girl’s gorgeous sculpted stomach and firm round breasts, and having smashed each side of the girl’s ribcage, and having bludgeoned her pretty face, Kaufman climbs up off Sharon Williams and takes a position beside her. Sharon is barely conscious, but bravely she tries to raise herself to one elbow. Taking her weight on the right elbow, Sharon tries to clear her eyes, wiping her left hand across her face. It comes away covered in blood. Blinking, Sharon looks up to see her opponent. Kaufman draws back her right leg, and almost in slow motion we see the leg slice forward and the foot smash into the blonde’s face with a sickly crunch. The foot snaps Sharon’s head to the side and red globules of blood spray into the air. The blonde girl slumps limply to the floor unconscious.

Satisfied at last, Kaufman hauls up the battered carcass of Sharon Williams by her breasts and parades the gorgeous body around the ring held aloft. Coming to where the main press box and cameras are, Kaufman smashes Sharon down on her belly in front of them, and then slowly she peels off the 19 year olds shorts revealing the youngsters black thong and peach like ass cheeks. Kaufman kicks the blonde over onto her back, positions herself, and then grinds her boot down into Sharon’s thong. She works the sole of the boot from side to side as she presses down. There is no response from the broken blonde. Kaufman raises her foot, smiles to camera, and then stomps down into the thong, her heel driving into the 19 year olds crotch. Kaufman repeats this move, crushing all within the thong. Moving to the lower abdomen Kaufman systematically pounds her boot down, setting Sharon’s glistening red smeared body quivering with each blow.

The German then plants her boot in Sharon’s stomach, and brutally stomps down into the center of that smooth sexy 23” waist. The big German brutally pounds on the belly of the defenceless broken blonde, mercilessly and needlessly pulverising the unconscious youngster. Finally, with Sharon Williams bare breasted and beaten to pulp, the victor poses with her arms aloft, and a look of total superiority on her hard face.

I think that there is no doubt that the winner is, Karen Kaufman ladies and gentlemen. Well Kaufman moves on to 7 wins from 7, after brutally destroying the stunningly beautiful Sharon Williams. Let’s hope we see Sharon again though folks, she is so beautiful she’s bound to get lots of support and fans. I wish her a speedy recovery.

Rest assured Sharon will fight again.

The End

Raider Jan 2008

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