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The Departure of Tina "The Diva Killer" Lockhart Fantasy Story
by RD Insider on 12 May 2009

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Tina walks into the RingDivas arena, three days after her beat down at the hands of Hazel, Destiny Dumon, and Racquel Colon, which ended with her being strapped to the Torture Rack of Death.

"Man, what has happened to me?" Tina asks herself as she sits down at her locker.

Tina is still showing the visible signs of her beatdown, bruises on her stomach, and a bruise on her face, from where Hazel punched her with the brass knuckles.

Tina sits by herself for a few minutes, when the silence is broken by Kati Summers entering the locker room.

"Tina Lockhart? Oh my God! I've been dying to meet you. I'm Kati, it is so nice to meet you, oh my God, girl, this is so like a dream come true." Kati screams out, smiling from ear to ear.

"Why don't you calm down, Kacey, is it?"

"No, it's Kati, Kati Summers."

"Well, it doesn't matter, Kathy."

"It's Kati!" She says, sounding angry.

Tina stands up and faces Kati.

"Oh wow, what happened to you? It's true, isn't it?"

"And what is that, and choose your words carefully, blondie."

"It's true that you were beaten down pretty bad, I heard some of the girls talking about it." Kati says, slightly giggling.

"And what is so funny, rookie?"

"So, I guess, you can say, 'You got knocked the fuck out, bitch!' that's what some of the girls are saying anyway."

As soon as the words left Kati's mouth, Tina charges at her, tackling her down to the floor.

"Do you think that's funny? You bleach-blonde BITCH!" Tina yells out, choking Kati.

Before too long, Chuck LeGrande runs in and separates Tina and Kati.

"You two want at each other so badly? Kyle isn't here tonight, but, he left me in charge, and I'm going to book the both of you, against each other, in a Backstage Bikini Boxing match, I suggest you two get ready."

"Hold on, Chuck, this little girl needs to learn respect."

"What do you suggest, Tina?" Chuck asks.

"If I win, and I will win, this little girl has to kiss my feet."

"Do you agree to that Kati?"

"Yeah, but I want the same thing when I win."

"Do agree to that, Tina?"

"Yes, but, I won't lose."

"Then, it's settled, get ready you two, you're on in 15 minutes."

"Get ready to be knocked out again, bitch!" Kati says as she walks away.

A few minutes later both Tina and Kati are ready for the match, Tina is wearing her black and white 'Tapout' Bikini and Kati a shiny green satin bikini.

The backstage area is filled by the entire roster, and Chuck LeGrande is the ref.

"You two ready?" He asks.

They both nod yes.


Everyone begins chanting "Kati! Kati! Kati!"

Tina swings wildly, but Kati ducks and delivers a vicious right hook to Tina's already bruised ribs, knocking her against the wall, Kati follows that up with a hard punch to Tina's face, knocking her down to the floor.

Chuck begins counting, but Tina gets back up at 4.

Everyone again begins chanting "Kati! Kati! Kati! Kati!"

Tina again swings, and again misses, Kati responds with another hook to Tina's chin, again knocking her down.

Everyone begins chanting "Holy Shit! "Holy Shit!"

Tina gets up at the count of 6, but, as soon as she gets up Kati begins pounding on her, shot after shot to Tina's face, at least 8 shots in a row, finally knocking Tina to the couch, Chuck begins counting, but Tina doesn't get up, she's been knocked out by Kati.

"Kati Summers is your winner!" Chuck yells, raising Kati's arm.

The whole room erupts in a chant of "Kati! Kati! Kati!"

Kati stands over Tina.

"I knocked you out, bitch!" She yells at Tina.

As this is going on, Chuck sets up a chair.

"Sit down, Kati, as per your stipulation, Tina now has to kiss your feet!"

Jessicka emerges from the crowd, and revives Tina, drags her over to Kati, and pushes her face down into Kati's feet, and holds her head there until she kisses her feet.

The whole room cheers as Kati stands up and stands over Tina, with her foot on her face.

"I'm not through with you yet, Lockhart!" Kati says, folding the chair up and laying it down on the floor.

"Who wants to see me DDT little Miss Lockhart on this chair?" Kati asks.

The room again cheers, as Kati picks Tina up, hooks her head, lifts her up, and delivers a vicious "Diva Killer" DDT on the chair, again knocking Tina out cold.

Kati then turns her over and rubs her foot into her face, as the whole room begins chanting "Kati! Kati!"

The whole room empties out, leaving Tina, unconscious on the floor.

A few days later, Tina returns to the arena, making sure to be the only one in the building, she's surprised to see that Chuck is in the building with her.

"You ok, Tina?" He asks.

"No! I'm just here to give you this, can you make sure it gets to Kyle?"

"Sure, but what is it?"

"It's my letter of resignation, after what's happened, I don't belong here."

And she turns around and walks away.

"Tina! Tina!" Chuck yells, but Tina just keeps walking, and Chuck knows that he's seen Tina for the last time.

The End.

NJ Devil

Got a story that you would like to submit? Click here and we may post it!!!

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