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The Complete Destruction of Kati Summers Fantasy Story Pt.2
by RD Insider on 06 Jun 2009

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Kati comes to, a few minutes after being knocked out by Sam Sexton and the New Sensation, but, once she's fully awake, she confronted by Kyle Shillinger.

"Kati, just wanted to tell you, Sam has requested a match with you, and I've granted it, so, once you're cleared by the medical staff, you'll be facing Sam Sexton in a Torture Rack Of Death match!" Kyle says, walking away and laughing.

"I can't believe this!" Kati says to herself.

Meanwhile, in another part of the arena, Sam is secretly meeting with Hazel.

"Do you think you can earn her trust?" Sam asks.

"I do, how do you want this to go?"

"Earn her trust, make her think you're teaching her to out smart me, when you're out smarting her."

"How about this, Sam. I stand in her corner for the match, and slip her a rag that she'll think is soaked in chloroform, she uses it on you, you pretend to pass out, I'll climb in the ring and act like I'm going to help her strap you to the rack, then I'll take out the real chloroform rag, use it on her until she passes out, then we both strap her up, revive her and beat her ass, like how that sounds?" Hazel asks.

Sam looks at her with a huge grin.

"I like it, Hazel, go earn her trust, and I'll se you in the ring.

Hazel leaves Sam and goes and joins Kati.

"Kati, perhaps I can help you." Hazel says, putting her hand on Kati's shoulder.

"Hazel? How are you going to help me, I've yet to even be cleared to compete yet."

As soon as those words left Kati's mouth the Doctor pokes his head in.

"Kati, if you're feeling up to it, I see no reason why you can't compete later tonight."

"Thanks, Doctor!" Kati says, almost ready to throw up.

"Like I said, Kati, I can help you."

"Fine, help me how."

"Let me be in your corner, when the time is right, I'll slip you a chloroform soaked rag, use it on Sam, wait until she passes out, then I'll come in the ring and help you strap her up, sound like a plan, Kati?"

"Hell yeah, it sounds like a plan." Kati says, giving a Hazel a high five.

Hazel leaves Kati's dressing room and returns to Sam.

"She's in, Sam."

"Perfect, tonight, this bleach blonde bimbo gets taught a lesson."

Just as Sam says that, Chuck LeGrande pokes his head in.

"Five minutes, Sam. Hazel, Kati is requesting you."

Hazel quickly returns to Kati's dressing room.

"Do you think we can pull this off?" Kati asks.

"Yes, we can pull this off." Hazel assures her.

"It's time, Kati." Chuck pokes in and says.

Kati and Hazel walk to the ring first and they both stand in awe of the Torture Rack Of Death.

Then Sam Sexton enters, and she attacks Kati as soon as she enters the ring, throwing her hard into the corner and kicking her hard in the mid section.

Kati falls hard to the mat, and notices Sam has turned her back on her.

"Pass me the rag, Hazel!" Kati says, and Hazel hand her a water soaked rag.

Kati grabs the rag and forces it over Sams mouth, smothering her, before too long, Sams body goes limp, and Kati drops her to the mat.

"Get in here, Hazel." Kati says, holding the ropes open for her side kick.

But as soon as Kati turns her back on Hazel, Hazel uses the real chloroform rag, covering Kati's mouth and nose.

Kati begins struggling, and before long, she passes out in Hazel's arms as well, and Hazel lays her down on the mat.

"Get up, Sam." Hazel says.

Sam gets up and both her and Hazel strap Kati up to the Torture Rack, and begin to revive her.

"Wake up, Summers." Sam says, slapping Kati's face.

As Sam revives Kati, Hazel leaves the ring and returns a few minutes later, with a sledge hammer, crowbar a steel chair and a fire extinguisher.

"Dammit, wake up, Kati." Sam yells, slapping Kati hard, finally reviving Kati.

Kati takes a moment to look around and she spots Hazel.

"You back stabbing bitch." She yells, trying to kick Hazel.

"Temper, temper, Kati." Hazel says, driving the metal head od the sledge hammer into Kati's ribs, making her scream in pain.

"Oh, I love that sound, hit her again, Hazel." Sam orders.

Hazel rams the sledge hammer into Kati's ribs three more times.

"I LOVE hearing ribs breaking, don't you, Sam?"

"You know, Hazel, I do!" Sam says, ramming her fist into Kati's face, knocking her out again.

"She's out again, Hazel, but, we're not done with her, are we?"

"No, Sam, we're not."

Hazel revives Kati just in time for Sam to ram the steel chair into Kati's already broken ribs.

"Don't pass out yet, Summers!" Sam says, grabing Kati's face.

"Finish her, Hazel!"

Hazel grabs the fire extinguisher and hits Kati right in the face with it, knocking her out.

"She's done!" Hazel says, high fiving Sam.

They both leave the ring, leaving Kati hanging there.

A few minutes later, the medical staff gets Kati down and rushes her to the hospital.

Kati awakes in the hospital a few hours later, and notices Chuck LeGrande in the room with her.

"Chuck...." Kati says.

"Oh, you're awake."

"Chuck.....I'll get my revenge on them two, if it's the last thing I do!"

To be continued.....

NJ Devil

The above is a work of pure fiction.

Got a story that you would like to submit? Click here and we may post it!!!

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