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ADULT CONTENT: Monokini Beatdown Sharon/Ling 2 (FantasyStory)
by RD Insider on 01 Dec 2009

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Sharon vs Ling Su (Part Two)

Ling Su was beginning to warm up now and her skin was glistening under the ring lights. Her muscles flexed as she continued to pummel Sharon Williams. The loss of her costume, at least ripped down to her hips, shocked the blonde beauty, leaving her blushing as well as gasping as the big Japanese took advantage. With Sharon’s arms strung out at her sides, Ling Su was able to hammer punches into the silky smooth belly and slick firm breasts at her leisure. She absolutely thrashed the gorgeous blonde. Sharon Williams mewled in pain as the vicious punches smacked into her nubile body.

Unwilling to beat Sharon senseless just yet, Ling Su finished with two hard punches into the curve of the lower belly, then stood back to watch the disoriented blonde slowly sink down to the mat.

Sharon looked amazing, almost nude, her tawny golden skin glistening, her mass of lustrous blonde hair damp and hanging across her face. She lay on her side with her knees pulled up to her belly sobbing.

Ling Su paced around the ring regaining her strength, acknowledging the crowd, and watching Sharon. When Sharon began to recover a little Ling Su stepped closer and kicked into a sleek thigh causing the blonde to squeal.

Sharon slowly got to her hands and knees, her tangled mass of blonde hair strewn over her shoulders. The Japanese was watching, looking at the soft smooth skin just above the hip and where it curved round into the sculpted belly. She aimed, and then lashed out her leg. Sharon Williams was sent rolling across the mat as the vicious kick smacked into her bared side. I followed Ling Su across the ring and watched as she drove her foot down into the same spot on Sharon’s side. The blonde groaned and tried to crawl away. Ling Su followed. “Get up hon.” she said to Sharon. “Come on baby, is that really all you got?”

Sharon swished her mane of crinkly blonde hair from her face and struggled to her feet gingerly. She lifted her head to look at Ling Su. Her costume in shreds, barely covering her crotch, she looked amazing. >From the long shapely legs, perfect peach of an ass, deliciously sculpted belly and tummy, to the luscious firm round glistening breasts, Sharon Williams looked absolutely stunning. For the 50 or so men and women who had paid entrance, to see such a gorgeous blonde take on a fighter like Ling u was priceless.

Ling Su had the look of a predator as she circled Sharon, her guard low, almost taunting the blonde to take a shot at her. She flicked a left jab into Sharon’s face, then circled a little more, and flicked again, her fist accurately spearing between Sharon’s guard into her cheek. Sharon shook her head, and blinked, taking a step backwards. The Japanese couldn’t resist and closed in, winding back her right arm for a big punch to the body or face. The blonde was not as helpless as she looked though. As soon as Ling Su wound back her arm, Sharon aimed, stepped inside Ling Su’s swing, and curled a short hooked punch into the Japanese woman’s ribs. It hurt her. Ling Su gasped and leaned to her left into the punch. Sharon stepped back to allow herself a swing, and connected again with a right to the Japanese woman’s jaw. It was a beauty, and sent Ling Su stuttering across the ring.

The crowd were on their feet, yelling encouragement to both fighters. What had seemed impossible two minutes ago seemed now to be possible. The stunning blonde could beat the hardened pro from Japan.

Sharon pursued Ling Su across the ring lashing her with lefts and rights. Unfortunately most of these bounced off the hard muscle of the Japanese woman’s arms, and served only to tire Sharon. When Ling Su’s back touched the ropes, Sharon didn’t have enough left to finish her. The Japanese girl spit a little blood from her mouth, and gritted her teeth for the fight back.

A cruel right curled up into Sharon’s lower belly, followed by a left into the side of her smooth belly. Sharon shuddered to a halt and closed her eyes in a silent scream, folding forwards over the third punch to ram into her belly. Ling Su grabbed at her crinkly blonde hair at forced Sharon back and into a corner. There, the blows began to flow with ease into Sharon William’s body. Once again the Japanese woman had control, and this time she intended to exploit it to the full. She beat her fists into Sharon Williams with relish, pummelling the belly, lashing the twin mounds of firm breast flesh.

When Sharon began to slide down the post, Ling Su hauled her up and began again. For several long minutes Sharon was splayed in the corner offering no defence whatsoever. The crowd watched almost in silence as Ling Su proceeded to destroy the crinkly haired blonde beauty. Hard fists thudded repeatedly into the gorgeous bared torso of Sharon Williams. Oil splattered from the slick skin, and scattered from the gorged nipples, as the big Japanese fighter concentrated cruelly on Sharon Williams’ perfect breasts and sexy belly.

Ling Su then treated Sharon to some brutal punches to the lower abdomen working on the womb area. This was when the cruel side of Ling Su began to shine through. When the blonde crumpled, she was simply kicked into the centre of the ring. Then Ling Su settled down on top of her and continued the beating, punching down into Sharon’s face, breasts and belly. The punches broke Sharon completely. With nothing to give and no defence to offer Sharon simply accepted the beating, mewling, gasping and crying out as each new punch smacked into some delicious part of her body.

Eventually even Ling Su had to stop for breath. It wasn’t much of a respite for Sharon though. The Japanese dragged her out of the ring and into the cage. Within the small cage it was relatively easy for Ling Su to tie Sharon’s arms up to the bars of the roof, so that the crinkly haired blonde was suspended helplessly. Ling Su glowed with perspiration, prowling around the helpless blonde like a puma or leopard. She raised her fist in salute to the crowd, and began again. This time she stood behind Sharon, facing the main of now dampened crinkly blonde hair, and drove her right fist repeatedly into Sharon’s kidneys. The blonde screamed and arched her lovely body with each blow. Ling Su licked her lips and drove her knee into a peach like ass cheek.

If that wasn’t enough, after hammering the same ass cheek with repeated knee lifts, Ling Su powered her knee up between those sleek glistening thighs right into Sharon’s crotch. The low blow brought a gasp from the crowd as well as from the overmatched blonde. Turning her opponent to face her, the Japanese unleashed several more knees to the groin, ramming the hard bone into the soft mound barely covered by the remnant of swimsuit.

Sharon’s legs gave and she hung just by her arms now, with her head tipped back. She was close to unconsciousness.

Ling Su moved back to the upper body, and began to punch Sharon’s naked breasts again. The measured punches smacked into the rubbery firm mounds, setting the mouth watering breasts quivering erotically. She beat the nipples into the breasts from all angles, looking into Sharon’s tear strained face as she delivered each punch. For minute after long minute Ling Su worked over Sharon Williams in the cage, beating the blonde woman senseless.

At last Ling Su stood back and took breath. Sharon bled from the mouth, and one of her eyes was cut. Her blonde hair clung wetly to her shoulders. There were marks all over her body where the Japanese woman’s cruel fists had thudded into her. Now Ling Su was done with her fists, and was about to enjoy Sharon in a rather different way for the crowd’s entertainment.

I watched Ling Su push her tongue inside Sharon’s mouth and claw at those amazing breasts. Soon the Japanese was on top of the beaten blonde, thrusting a large dildo into Sharon Williams, and then roughly pounding it in and drawing it out, thrusting it in, and drawing it out, hands clasping at Sharon’s hips.

The action had moved back into the ring to allow the crowd a clear view. Many were on their feet cheering.

The finale came as just before her orgasm Ling Su simply smashed Sharon’s face, breasts and belly with a brutality even I had to look away at. Blood dripped from Sharon William’s mashed lips and burst nose, and from her ravaged nipples, as Ling Su straightened up and tossed her head back, exulting in her orgasm.

What a victory for Ling Su. She took the applause and cheers with obvious delight before leaving the arena waving.

Sharon had taken an extreme beating for this select crowd, but this incredibly resilient blonde beauty would be well paid. I cleaned her up after the crowd had departed, and took her home. She bore no serious injury fortunately, and cleaned up in her bra and panties still managed to look amazing. It would not be too long before I could fight her again.

Fiction by Raider 2009

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