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Gojirah vs Raquel Colon (Thong bikini closed fist destruction)
by RD Insider on 11 Aug 2009

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Gojirah had developed a taste for Raquel during the bra and thong destruction match she shared with Sam. In that brutal fight, a thong clad Raquel had been systematically beaten by the two wrestlers. There had been no rules or referee, so the two women had been free to pummel Raquel’s stunning body with their closed fists. Gojirah had relished punching Raquel and had pressed for a chance to fight her again, alone this time. She wanted the same opportunity to use her fists, so the management, sensing it would sell well, forced a reluctant Raquel to accept the match.

Raquel had been prepared to perfection. Her body had been oiled, and dressed in a micro string bikini top and thong, in red. She was bare foot. Gojirah wore a one piece outfit in black, with black wrestling boots.

From the start it was clear this would be a classic one sided beatdown as Gojirah almost lifted Raquel off her feet with her first punch to the stomach. Holding Raquel by the hair, Gojirah then walked her to the corner, and smashed her face into the corner post. With Raquel dazed, Gojirah went to work on the girl’s back, hammering her big fists into Raquel’s kidneys.

Hauling Raquel into the air Gojirah smashes her down over her knee stomach first, then rolls her off, and twists the beauty into a bow and arrow hold.

Climbing off her, Gojirah kicks Raquel in the belly, sending her rolling across the mat crying in pain. The giant lifts the beauty and lays her against the post. She traps Raquel’s arms in the ropes, and starts to send lefts and rights into that amazing body, her ham like fists thudding into Raquel’s sexy tummy. Raquel screams and sobs as Gojirah works her over, the giant licking her lips as she begins to work over each of Raquel’s fantastic breasts. Gojirah laughs, and rips Raquel’s bikini top off, drooling as a pair of awesome oiled breasts quiver free. Raquel’s brown nipples are hard and stand out like turrets. Gojirah targets them, repeatedly beating them deep into the slick breast meat with punch after brutal punch.

Gojirah lashes Raquel’s glistening breasts with a torrent of punches using both fists, making Raquel scream for mercy. There is no one to help Raquel, as Gojirah pulls her from the corner and punches the topless beauty around the ring, repeatedly dragging hr up by her breasts each time she smashes her to the mat.

The beating goes on and on, those big fists smashing the beautiful body of Raquel Colon with mechanical efficiency, hammering into her navel and nipples. Raquel is repeatedly hung up in the corners and pummelled, then laid out for Gojirah to sit astride her and punch down into those amazing breasts and that sexy belly.

Gojirah demands the torture rack be put in the ring when Raquel slips into unconsciousness, so she can string her up and use her as a punch bag. The camera zooms in on Raquel’s quivering breasts and belly as Gojirah’s fists pulverise the amazing girl, proving what an animal she truly has become.

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Comment of this news item below

by guilcort @ 17 Aug 2009 09:33 am
this is a pretty good story. I would love to see this match
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